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Dental restorations are increasingly common for patients who have worn out dental appliances, or want to replace older cosmetic work. Providing restorative dentistry in Naperville, Dr. Cardenas can introduce you to alternative treatments that can replace worn out dental devices. Whether you need an implant placed, implant restorations, or simply want to improve the look of older crowns or bridges, Dr. Cardenas can conveniently provide treatment in her practice.

Implant restorations usually involve a patient’s request to replace an older crown, or a tooth that was removed at some earlier point in their life. When a patient requests a dental implant, Dr. Cardenas refers the patient to an oral surgeon and allows enough time for the bone to integrate with the implant. The patient will then make two appointments with Dr. Cardenas. The first appointment is to get a mold for the implant, then two weeks later she will attach the custom molded crown. Dental implants are an ideal solution because it allows a patient a replacement tooth without having to ruin surrounding teeth, as is the case with a bridge or partial bridge. The benefit of choosing dental implants over a bridge or dentures include preventing bone loss that can occur when a tooth is extracted and no root is present and when taken proper care of, an implant can last forever.

Various materials are available for implants. Dr. Cardenas offers porcelain, metal, gold, and zirconium; a patient can decide which option is best for them and their circumstance. Safety precautions are taken to insure that a patient has adequate bone support for an implant.

If you have outdated crowns, or implants and are tired of their yellowed appearance, or graying along the gumline, come visit our Naperville restorative dentistry practice to enhance your smile today!

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